"A Real Gem" by Lake Minnetonka Magazine

Jewelry line Tess+Tricia gives back to the community.

Patricia and Tessa Webber, a business- and style-savvy duo, are also mother and daughter. With their keen eye for natural beauty, the lake-area residents launched Tess+Tricia, their handmade jewelry line, in 2012. Tess+Tricia is sold in local boutiques like Merilou and Big Island Swim and Surf.

Tessa explains that their signature antler-tip necklaces were inspired by a DIY post on Pinterest.

“I saw this unique material, but it needed to be put into an elevated, beautiful style,” she says. On each antler-tip necklace, the Webbers add different stones as accents. One of the more popular stones, jasper brown, is said to promote peace, relaxation and emotional healing. And of course, the Webbers’ pieces are beautiful. “I’ve always loved what jewelry can do to an outfit,” says Tessa. “The things that make you look like you got ready are the cute necklace and bracelet.”

But the mission at Tess+Tricia is twofold: Create unique pieces of jewelry while providing sustainable jobs to women in the community. So Patricia and Tessa partner with Perspectives, a nonprofit organization based in St. Louis Park, which finds opportunities for women living with or recovering from addiction, mental illnesses or poverty.

Originally, women from Perspectives helped the Webbers assemble each piece. After product demand increased, Tessa and Patricia hired three of those women as permanent team members. “It’s been a life-changing experience for them and also for us,” says Patricia. “They have really become masters at what they’re doing. They are very important team members.” Beautiful—inside and out.

Visit tessandtricia.com for more info and a list of local retail locations, or find Tess+Tricia on FacebookEtsy, Instagram and Pinterest.